Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Trails Part #1

Layne had only 90 miles this year in trail contracts. Most all of it was right here in the mountain ranges that we can see from our house. We spent last week with him at Reservoir Lake camping while he worked. His folks came up for the week also and one of his brothers and their family. Layne's dad Boyd went for two days with him and I went with Layne on his last day. We were on the Continental Divided trail. It was so awesome!! We could see Salmon, Tendoy,and Wisdom. We could see for miles and miles in all directions.

There was a large metal marker in the ground showing the Idaho and Montana sides, so we put our camera on it for a picture. The Idaho side is behind us. It was beautiful!! So fun to be out exploring together.

This was the highest point of the trail that we were on. It was 9,730 ft. The rock slides were a little scary to climb up and down because they were so steep. Layne and his mule Wilson decided that they needed a picture. As you can see we did get into a little snow. There were 2 small patches that we had snowball fights in. I love to be in the mountains!!!

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