Monday, August 15, 2011

On the bench

The last few days have been hard with Cooper, but today was the end of the line.  He is very independent and doesn't like to listen very well.  This evening we are in the car heading to a 4-H  BBQ and he decides to cut some of his hair.  Of course he cuts the very front, not to the scalp, but close enough.  Then at the 4-H meeting, he takes another little boys soda, drinks the last of his pop, and crushes the can, while the boys is telling him to stop it and don't touch his pop.  So at this point, after several days of belligerents on Coops part, I have had it.  There is a wood bench outside the building that I take him to and let him know that he is to stay on the bench until I come and get him.  I remember thinking as i walked away that 6 minutes should be plenty of time.  The meeting is wrapping up and dinner is going to be served soon.  I know that I am in trouble when Weston comes up to me after  the dinner is over wondering if Cooper is still supposed to be sitting on the bench and that he is saying that he is really hungry.  The only thing that comes to mind as a mother is GUILT.  Did i really just leave my child out on the bench for the last 30 minutes at least.  As i sprint out the door, he is still sitting on the bench just like i told him too.  I gave him a big hug and told him I was very sorry that I had forgotten him.  He said that he was really just hungry and that it was no big deal.  Great, now I have scared him for life.  Well I helped him get some food and asked him what he had thought about while he was sitting there.  His comment was that he needed to be nice, not lie (which we have been working hard on) and to never cut his hair again.  Maybe it was time well spent?!?!


  1. Been there done that! I wonder where a child is and then remember they are 'in their room until I call them.' Maybe the message is for moms to make good time out choices in case we leave them there for awhile. Glad he got it all thought out and some dinner in his hungry tummy. You aren't alone!!