Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Potosi Hot Springs #2

Coop is just too cute for his own good!!
This is the actual hot springs
Our attempt at a family picture :)
Erin has to be pretty tough sometimes, so she has to practice!
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Potosi Hot Springs

This was the hot springs that we hiked into. It had great views and was a ton of fun. It was VERY chilly getting out though. The mud the kids dug up was almost too hot to touch, but that didn't seem to stop them at all from having a great time with it. The next blog will have Erin and Coop's pictures. I can't seem to get more that 4 pictures at a time on each blog.

Randy trying for the natural spa treatment.
Wes trying to see what he would look like with a beard. It was awesome!!
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Spring Break

This is definitely spring break in Montana. We decided to go find a natural hot springs that is on public land up by where we do trails in the summer time. Still some great snow and I am glad that we had geared up!

Erin and Coop hiking the 1 mile to the hot springs.
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Erin's 2nd Grade Music Program

Erin was the wife in her program at the school. It was a story about a tribe dancing for rain. Erin did a great job getting up in front of everyone!! I am so proud of her :)
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad Cow, Bad Cow

I was standing at my counter, getting some ice cream at yes 3:30 in the afternoon, sinful I know!! and looked out my window to see the neighbors truck driving down the lane. Behind the truck was Randy's show steer Buster chasing it down the lane. Of course he couldn't go very far, because he is so big, but he made it about 1/2 way down the lane. He was running after the truck. I about died laughing and then realized that I was the only one around to help Buster get back into the pasture. So I got a bucket of grain, great idea if you can run fast in muck boots!! He was still in a very playful mood and would come up to me and shake his head and then run off. I had a very hard time decided if he was playing eat the 4-H kid's mom, or just scare her to death. I finally got him back in the pasture and not so very gently reminded Randy that the gate to the barn has to be closed in the mornings after chores are done. Bad cow!! Bad cow!!