Tuesday, September 14, 2010


When we got down to the fair grounds for weigh-in , I realized that we didn't bring anything for Cooper to show this year. One of the girls in our 4-H club had brought this little lamb down as a companion animal and said that Coop could show it. The lamb weighed in at 25 lbs, and was put in the open class. Cooper spend the next day washing and working with the lamb (that he named Handsome). That evening he was in the first class and did awesome!!
The lamb next to Coopers is the size that all the other lambs were in Coopers class. Their weight was about 110 lbs :) It was soooo much fun to watch coop show his lamb. All summer long he helps the older kids work and walk their lambs, so it was great to have something that he could show that was defiantly more his size.
Cooper is talking with the judge about his lamb. The judge asked him what his lamb ate and Coops reply was- lot of stuff :) The judge was fantastic!!! After he judged the lambs that were all the same size, he then talked about what a great job cooper did and that his lamb was perfect. He then let Coop pick any color of ribbon that he wanted. It was awesome!!!!
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Coop's Offical 1st Day

This is Cooper's first day of kindergarten. He is so Funny!!! I love the glasses on the tree. Life is great when you are 5

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