Thursday, March 25, 2010

State Science Fair

Randy went to Missoula Sunday- Tuesday for the State Science Fair. He received a gold ribbon for his project and then received at the awards ceremony the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks award. It was awesome!! I was glad that I went(even though randy invited and then uninvited me). Thanks to Penny for letting me crash at her place! And what a great surprise to get to see Mellisa there also. It was a great and fast trip :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Science Fair

Randy won Grand Champion at the science fair at his school last week. He gets to go to Missoula for the State fair next week. Layne and I are still trying to figure out whose baby we got at the hospital 14 years ago. We feel real sorry for who ever got our kid. Great Job Randy!!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

take 2

These are the pictures that didn't show up on my last blog

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Really?? 14

At some point , my brand new baby decided that he was ready to turn 14. I am definitely still in denial about all of this and have very nicely informed Randy that this will be his last birthday we will ever celebrate!! Randy is wonderful. He has been a joy to have in our home. Yes, there have been many times that I could cause him extreme bodily harm, but for the most part, the first couple of years of having a teenager have been OK. Randy- I love you!!

It was just yesterday that he wanted Lego's and cars. Now it is to full hunting gear.
Yes- Scooby Doo is still legal when that is all that you have!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where did February Go??

We came home from Gus' baptism on February 6th and feel like I just got back into life a couple of days ago, which would make it the 1st of March. After having my whole family sick, except Layne, (because he never was home) and being in the hospital for 5 days and trying to recoup, I realized that I only have major medical bills to fondly remember Feb of 2010 by. We all came down with a virus that took every person about 6-7 days to recover from, and of course nobody was sick at the same time, we seemed to stagger each other by about 3 days. So it was lovely to have barf buckets around for 2 weeks. I ended up in the hospital with a gallstone ( haven't had a gallbladder for 4 years) stuck in the duct work that runs the liver and pancreas. The normal levels for the liver are around 135, I found out today that when I was sick my levels were over 800. My body was poisoning itself. I have a procedure done to have that removed, but then took me 3 more days to be able to even eat anything, which required a very long and expensive stay in the hospital. While I was in the hospital Erin still wasn't getting better, so we spent and afternoon and evening together in my hospital room, both of us with IVs and our own set of nurses and Doc cuddled up on the same bed watching cartoons .So wish that I had realized what a great picture that would have made and had a camera. Everyone is finally healthy and I am doing much better, and am defiantly on the road to recovery, which is good, because somebody has to be the mom around here!!