Thursday, March 31, 2011

Help- Anybody

This is the email that I sent to Randy tonight-

Hello my child!!  I hope you are having a great time at state! Sure missed you tonight when I had to milk the cow, bottle feed 7 new born calves, bottle feed 3 baby lambs, feed a bunch of ewes and cows, water the horses all after staying up until 4am helping Susie and the girls in Idaho falls.  Then coming in and helping Wes finish his poster for school.  Sure could have used you tonight!!  Love ya mom :)

I didn't put in the fact that I had to drive 4 hours this afternoon to get 5 of the 7 calves.  But a great bonus was that dad was in Butte and was able to meet me in Whitehall and travel with me to get the calves.  We had a wonderful time.  I love it when life is spontaneous and crazy.  It really wasn't as bad as i make it sound.  I did have Wes, Erin and Coop to try to help.  Feeding the calves was a huge sloppy job, but the funniest was when Cooper started crying because he was holding the bottle a little low and informed me that the calf was not sucking but trying to eat his privates.  I thought that I was going to die laughing.